305: an anthem in progress

-Where we come from, renewal is a constant possibility.  The palm tree sheds her fronds whenever she wants to; not when the calendar says so. 

-Where we come from, the grass is wide, waxy, and unapologetic; it stands in regular conversation with the ocean. 

-Where we come from, the grapefruit tree grows thorns so strong and proud they look like branches.  She invites you to climb them like stairs. 

-Where we come from, it is impossible to know when the night will smell like jasmines or salt or both; it urges you to pay attention.   

-Where we come from, still fish live for a long time at the bottom of the ocean. 

-Where we come the rain falls thick and hard; it roars, demands applause, baptizes at will. 

-Where we come from, the squirrel hides nothing; it eats mangoes in the summer and tangerines in winter.

-Where we come from, even the roaches  fly.